Central Connections Leadership Conference

What is Central Connections you might ask?

Central Connections is a leadership conference held at the Great Wolf Lodge in Traverse City, Michigan. The conference connects leaders from Central Michigan University with other leaders from around the campus. It is a two-day conference filled with a variety of activities like, “speed connecting,” educational sessions, and time to simply branch to other student leaders. The purpose of the conference is to teach students ways to improve as a leader, and learn how other student organizations are run to improve their own organization.14907639_710947545719716_8171293648243069097_n

The conference is a great way to force students to step outside of their comfort zone, by speaking with people they might not normally talk to. The conference also encourages students to think intuitively, and really examine their own self as a leader and look at what they might need improving on. If you are looking to grow your leadership potential, Central Connections is a great place to do that.

Before going to the conference, I had no idea of what I was getting myself into. This was one of my first experiences at a professional conference, and I am pleased with what I took out of it. One thing I have been struggling with has been finding my purpose in college. Transitioning from high school to college was a big step, and redeveloping myself has been difficult. One of the educational sessions I went to was about finding your “why.” This session was all about how once you know what your passion is, that will make the rest of the pieces in your life fall together perfectly.

After writing down all of the things I have been involved in, I discovered that my “why” in life is about having a positive influence on other people’s lives. All of my decisions will be based on that statement, and anything that contradicts my “why” will be avoided. I found this session to be very helpful, and it taught me a lot about myself and who I hope to present to the world.

I will be able to take everything I learned at this conference back with me to CMU, and apply it to my future career. These new concepts will help portray myself as a stronger leader, and be the person people are drawn to in a group. A great leader is someone who influences other people in a positive way, which fits the definition of my “why” perfectly.



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