Branching Out Your Free Time: Netflix and No Chill

I’m sure for many of you, the title of this blog encouraged you to look further into the post. It is not necessary to feel guilty about it though, Becky Wang and Dustin Abrego purposefully used that as the title of their lecture to get people interested in coming to their presentation.

At the Central Connections conference I attended in the fall, Becky and Dustin put on a segment about making the most of your free time and how to stop letting technology limit your capabilities. Becky Wang serves as a Counselor in Residence at CMU, and owns her own counseling practice in Alma, Michigan. Similarly, Dustin Abrego has a long history with CMU as well. He was a member of the Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity and was involved in a variety of extracurriculars as an undergraduate student, and now currently serves as the Saxe Residence Hall Director here on campus. Considering how involved Becky and Dustin are on campus, made it even more interesting to listen in on their speech.

The interactive activities during their presentation really put their message into perspective for me. In the beginning, they gave everyone a list of items and events to rank on a scale of how happy and fulfilled each one made them feel. Interestingly enough though, the items on the list where technology was absent, brought the audience more joy than the items that did involve technology. The purpose of the demonstration was to show everyone that in order to feel purposeful in life, it is important to disconnect from technology every so often.

Becky and Dustin also emphasized the fact that we, as a human race, need interactions with other human beings in order to feel joyful. Face-to-face interactions with other people gives life meaning. Looking at a screen all day can really stunt the overall growth of a human being.

This is a topic that is very relevant today because our entire lives are revolved around technology. It is important to be educated on this issue, because too much technology can harm individuals from reaching their fullest potentials. Becky and Dustin helped me realize the importance of taking time to recharge, and taking time to step away from the screen.



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