Choosing Civility by: P.M. Forni

Leadership Education (LDR 100) is a required course for the Leadership Advancement Scholarship program. For our final project in the class, we were given a book highlighting leadership principles, and then asked to present on what we learned from the book. My group was given a book titled Choosing Civility, which discussed 24 rules a civil person should incorporate in their daily life.

I found many of the principles to be very helpful with developing a positive leadership style. One of my favorite rules discussed the importance of acknowledging others. I felt like I could personally relate to this rule because I already make it my mission to make everyone I encounter feel valued. The book brought up examples like saying “hello” to everyone you pass by and complimenting others on what they are wearing. This rule is all about making other people feel as though their existence is important.

During the presentation, everyone in the group had the opportunity to touch on a small handful of the points, and elaborate on how each of the points applies to leadership. We incorporated creative elements to the presentation as well. While everyone was walking into the classroom, we handed out personalized slips of paper to express to everyone how appreciated they are. Seeing the smiles on everyone’s faces was priceless.

At the end of the presentation, we showed everyone a video that had a superhero theme. The video featured a few of our group members handing out words of affirmation to individuals on the street and in their dorm rooms. The purpose of the video was to showcase civility at its finest. It showcased how simple acts of kindness truly can turn a person’s day around for the better.

This book has helped me see a new light on leadership, and I now hope to use these 24 rules in my daily life. I know that implementing these rules into my life will make me a kinder and more empathetic person.


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