Introduction to Psychology: PSY 100L

PSY 100L, or better known as Introduction to Psychology, is a class a part of the protocol for the Leadership Advancement Scholarship (LAS) program. The purpose of the class was to introduce LAS to psychology in a way that was related back to leadership. We learned that understanding how the brain develops, understanding different learning styles, and understanding the ways in which a person can become motivated, all have a major influence on a person’s leadership style. Psychology plays a major role in determining how a person leads a group of individuals.

For exams, all essay questions were leadership based. For one of our essays, we were given a problem within a company, and then asked to describe how we would fix it. The professor gave us a list of terms we had to use that included things like intrinsic/extrinsic rewards, relationship needs, and growth needs. This class taught me how to take a different approach to solving problems as a leader.

As a leader, it is very important to understand the group of individuals you are leading. After taking this introductory level psychology class, I believe I will have more control over the different groups I am leading. I will also have a better understanding of the reasons why people act a certain way in certain situations. PSY 100L has allowed myself to become more open minded as a leader when it comes to solving issues among group members.


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