Wigs 4 Kids Holiday Celebration

Can you imagine loosing your hair as a young child and not being able to do anything about it? Imagine the amount of embarrassment you would feel when entering public places, feeling at though everyone was staring at your head.15325135_10211722638767923_3230395656232979671_o

Wigs 4 Kids is a nonprofit organization that was founded in St. Clair Shores, that provides children with free wigs made out of real hair. The children provided this service have ages ranging from 3-18 years of age. The organization is dedicated to “build[ing] the self-esteem of young patients dealing with hair loss as a result from various illnesses such as cancer, alopecia, trichotillomania, as well as burn victims” (Wigs 4 Kids mission statement). In order to provide this service free of charge, the organization has many different fundraisers throughout the year, including their annual holiday party.

When I was younger, my dance studio would always attend this event and act as the entertainment for the party. The studio stopped going years ago, so it was nice to go back after missing it for so many years. This time, instead of dancing, I had the privilege of helping run the photo station. It was so much fun seeing everyone dressed in their Sunday best, supporting such a wonderful cause.

During the dinner portion, Maggie Varney (the founder and CEO) spoke a little about the program’s mission and how grateful she has been for everyone’s support since its founding in 2003. Despite how successful her organization has become, she has remained so grateful and humbled by all of its success. She works so hard to make sure every child that comes to her salon will be granted a wig. I believe that is why her organization has been so successful; she doesn’t let successes in the past define how hard she needs to work for success in the future.

I had a wonderful time volunteering at this event. I loved learning more about Wigs 4 Kids, and seeing so many people come out to support such a wonderful cause.

Community Service: 3 hours



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