The Time is Now

Since I was a young girl, I was told college was going to be the best years of my life. Adults would put the idea into my head that college was where I would discover my true self, and meet some of my very best friends. After completing my first semester of college, my expectations have not been fully met. In contrast, I find myself often lonesome, feeling as though I have no one to confide in. The transition from high school to college has proven to be more difficult than I had predicted it to be.

Unfortunately, feeling lonely has taken a toll on my daily motivation. On occasion, I find myself exerting little effort because of my lack of motivation. However, this description does not represent who Vanessa is; she is much stronger than the person being presented to the world. After thoroughly analyzing the “flaws” in my life, I discovered a simple fix for my situation. I realized that in order for a significant change to happen in my life, I have make the decision every day to make a change happen. Change is a choice; to find happiness, a person has to make the conscious decision every day to choose happiness. Perseverance hosts an opportunity for change.

With the new year right around the corner, many people have their new year’s resolutions formed and ready to be implemented into their daily lives starting on January 1st. The problem with new year’s resolutions though, is the idea that a person has to wait for the beginning of a year to make a significant change in their life. The time to take action is now, life is too short to wait around for some sort of miracle to happen.

Change requires tenacity and constant motivation. Do not procrastinate implementing change in your life, you will feel more joyful and fulfilled by taking action now. We all have the power to make a significant change in our lives, it just takes constant perseverance to make that change happen.


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