Leadership in the 21st Century

Pope Francis Meets The Roman Diocesans

A leader, according to dictionary.com, is “a person who guides or directs a group.” The literal meaning of the word is pretty self-explanatory, but what makes a great leader goes beyond the literal definition of the word. In history, we have experienced a multitude of leaders, good and bad. In this post, I want to highlight a current figure who embodies what it means to be an outstanding leader.

Pope Francis is a person admired by those who both belong and do not belong to the Catholic church. He is a person who inspires individuals to follow his set of ideals everyday. Pope Francis, in my opinion, could be considered one of the greatest popes of all time, because of the consistency of his leadership style.

One of the most important skills a leader should possess is the ability to be inclusive to all, which is practiced by Pope Francis continuously. Even though he is the head of the Catholic church, he doesn’t only limit his sphere of influence to those with Catholic religious beliefs. He reaches out to people of all different backgrounds and beliefs, making him well-liked by many around the globe.

The pope has also worked on adapting the Catholic church to the modern era. A great leader is someone who inspires change, and is not afraid to break away from the status quo. From supporting LGBTQ, to supporting the idea a woman should have complete control over her body, Pope Francis is fearless when it comes to breaking away from social norms.

Pope Francis is greatly admired because of his choice to support all groups of people, despite their stance on Catholicism. As previously mentioned, inclusiveness encourages others to follow a leader. When people feel welcomed and valued, they will put in the effort to continue involving that person in their life. I admire Pope Francis because of his courage to step away from the social norms of the Catholic church. He looks at himself as a person who not only influences those who belong to the Catholic church, but a person who influences all. He understands how influential his leadership position can be on the world, and he uses that understanding to his advantage. Pope Francis embodies what leadership is all about.


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