Do Obstacles Dictate Your Life?

As an introvert, living in a world designed for extroverts is an intimidating concept. It is advertised that in order to be successful, a person has to have a big personality. The best way to be a leader is to be outgoing and full of constant energy. Growing up as a shy girl limited my potential, and held me back from reaching my goals. I let the fear of not being good enough hold me back from reaching my greatest aspirations.

It was not until late middle school/early high school that I realized my goals would never be accomplished with that mindset. Instead of avoiding the things I was most afraid of, I decided to tackle those fears head on. The only way I knew my goals would be accomplished was if I stepped outside of my comfort zone and erased the thought of not being good enough from my head.

The first step towards overcoming my obstacle of shyness, was facing my fear of public speaking. In the past, I avoided every possible opportunity to hold a mic and speak in front of an audience. After realizing the fact that doing things like that stunted my potential, I began to get the courage to speak in front of others. Stepping outside of my comfort zone helped me overcome my fear of public speaking, and has encouraged me to pursue a major in Integrative Public Relations.

After overcoming my obstacle of shyness, I came to the realization that obstacles help shape a person’s life for the better. It is important to look at obstacles as stepping stones that develop you into the person you will one day become. Never let an obstacle dictate what you can and cannot accomplish. If you want to accomplish something in life, do whatever it takes to accomplish that goal. Obstacles make people stronger and more driven to accomplish their greatest aspirations. No obstacle is impossible to overcome with hard work and determination.


You can find this post on A Beautiful Me‘s blog site Entirely Women, enjoy!


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