Following Your WHY

To be successful, a person must first know their reasoning behind wanting to be successful in a particular area before finding success. It is not necessarily about having a plan, but about having a dream you one day aspire to accomplish. This was a concept I learned while watching the TedTalk, “How Great Leaders Inspire Action.” This TedTalk discussed the fact that no matter what type of group you are leading, your actions should always reflect your why statement (your values/beliefs).


The video highlighted a diagram with three circles within one another reading, from the inside outward, “why,” “how,” and “what.” The idea behind it was to say all of your life’s decisions should be made thinking about the inner part of the circle first, before focussing on the outer rim. A common theme in this video was, “people don’t buy WHAT you do, they buy WHY you do it.” Individuals have more trust in people who have a passion behind what they do, and will be more likely to follow them as a leader. By always making decisions based upon your personal beliefs, you will have a following of people who have the same beliefs as yourself.

It is also important to lead as a person with a dream, not as a person with a plan. The TedTalk brought up the fact that people followed Martin Luther King Jr. because of his dreams and aspirations for the people, not because he had a plan for them. The best leaders are the ones who put their passions first and aspire to inspire the individuals around them.

After doing thorough introspection, I discovered my why statement to be “inspire others to believe they can be anything no matter their obstacles.” I discovered this to be my why statement after realizing all that I am involved in revolves around that central idea. I am at my best when I am inspiring others to be at their best. Knowing my why statement will make me a much more effective leader and able to encourage more people to follow me who possess my same beliefs.


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