Siblings Weekend at CMU

Picturing myself as a young girl on a college campus is a frightening image. Being surrounded by students a decade or so older than me would have been petrifying. The young children who were on campus this past weekend though showed no fear when it came to engaging with the college students.

This past weekend, Central Michigan University hosted their annual “Sibling’s Weekend.” “Sibling’s Weekend” is a four-day long extravaganza filled with a variety of activities for siblings of all ages to participate in. Events include a carnival, live music, and a magician performance, just to name a few. This weekend is always a great experience for all of the children who participate in it. Every child leaves CMU with new memories to share with their family that will last a lifetime.

During the weekend, I had the privilege of running a game at the carnival sponsored by Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship. I helped run the carnival game “Basketball Shootout,” which happened to be one of the most popular games at the event. “Basketball Shootout” is a two-player game where individuals race to see who can get the most baskets in one minute. Watching the siblings bring out each other’s competitive side was incredibly entertaining.

I am so happy I made the decision to volunteer at this event. On this day I was in the need of a good laugh, and working this event definitely provided me with that. This was a perfect volunteer opportunity because I love working with children, and this event allowed me to showcase that love. I look forward to next year’s “Sibling’s Weekend,” and hopefully my brothers will be able to attend as well.


Community Service: 4 Hours



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