Taking an American History course this past semester was an incredible learning experience for myself. Many issues America is dealing with right now mirror a majority of the issues this country faced in the past. America takes pride in being one of the most advanced nations in the world, but the country still falls short in the area of equality. It is upsetting seeing how little America prioritizes preventing the past from repeating itself in the future.

In modern society, immigration and racial/religious discrimination are topics of great concern. They are issues that bring frustration and anger to many individuals’ lives. Unfortunately, individuals who advocate for these issues believe America has never experienced this type of discrimination before. Being told this fact makes it apparent as to why history should be taught in schools. Learning about history ensures negative events from the past will not occur again in the future.

As an individual passionate about leadership, I found this information very inciteful. Learning about America’s past makes me realize how important it is to fight for what I believe in. Great leadership is necessary for progression in society. HST 110L WI has given me a new perspective on the world, and has inspired me to keep fighting for what I believe in.



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