Relay for Life LEAD Team

In many circumstances, groups are the most cohesive as a deadline is approaching. During these circumstances, groups may need their leaders to give them an extra push to successfully achieve their goals. My experience on the Relay for Life LEAD Team was a perfect reflection of this concept.

To explain my point, one month prior to Relay for Life I was asked to step up as LEAD Team Co-Chair. Due to unexpected circumstances, the team lacked a leader. Tasks that should have been worked on all semester now had to be accomplished in less than 30 days. The idea of taking on this position was very daunting, but I looked at it as an opportunity to gain new leadership experience and overcome what seemed to be an impossible task. As the team worked together, I realized the task was not as overwhelming as it seemed to be.

Prior to taking on this role, only $10.00 of our $1,000.00 goal had been raised. Both myself and Ashleigh (the other co-chair) thought it would be the most effective to have every team member individually raise funds. After less than 30 days, the team had raised more than $1,000.00! Encouraging participation from every member made the team more cohesive as a whole.

Even though this leadership role was daunting at first, the accomplishments at the end made it all worth it. The team’s dedication towards finding success proves that any obstacle can be overcome with determination. When individuals are inspired and motivated by their leader, they will work even harder to accomplish their goals. My experience as a LEAD Team Co-Chair has taught me about the importance of leadership in a group.



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