LDR 200L: A Catalyst for Great Leadership

In the Leadership Advancement Scholarship Program (LAS), each scholar is required to take certain classes in order to fulfil their protocol. Introduction to Leadership (or LDR 200L) is a class LAS students have the opportunity to take as a cohort. The class teaches students the foundation for great leadership. Being in this class is unlike any other classroom experience I have ever had, considering everyone in the room is incredibly passionate about leadership.

LDR 200L focusses primarily on the theory aspect of leadership. In order to learn the theories, every student is put in a small group to present/facilitate a lesson to the class. I believe the best way to learn any type of material is through hands-on experience. Being provided hands-on experience gave me more confidence in my facilitation skills, which is important as a leader.

Introduction to Leadership is a unique class because everyone in the room wants to improve their leadership skills. It is empowering sitting next to so many aspiring leaders. Being in this environment motivates me to strive to be a better version of myself every day.

As a final thought, taking this course allowed me to experience a great amount of personal growth as a leader. I was constantly challenged to step outside of my comfort zone and face my fears. After experiencing a tremendous amount of personal growth this past semester, it is apparent as to why LDR 200L is required for LAS students. This course proved to me that challenging yourself is the only way to overcome your obstacles.



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