Leadership Advancement Scholarship Program

Take a moment to imagine being a part of a group of individuals who are all goal-oriented and driven to find success in life. Imagine being a part of group where everyone is so accepting and supportive of one another to reach their highest aspirations. Being a member of the Leadership Advancement Scholarship Program is exactly that.

The Leadership Advancement Scholarship Program at Central Michigan University is a world-renowned program that offers students the opportunity to discover their leadership potential. Over 2,000 applicants apply for this scholarship, and only a small fraction of that number are selected. Once selected as a finalist for the scholarship, finalists are then asked to attend a competition day at the university.

During competition day, students go through a day-long process of being observed in leadership scenarios and complete an interview process with some of the other finalists. Once competition day is complete, students find out weeks later whether or not they are a recipient of the scholarship.

Being a member of the 2016 Leadership Advancement Scholarship Program cohort (LAS for short), requires an abundance of hard work. Each cohort has a protocol they have to fulfil each year at CMU. Students are required to take certain classes together as a cohort, reside in a specific dorm for the first year, get involved with registered student organizations (RSOs) on campus, obtain leadership positions in those RSOs, complete a certain amount of community service hours per year, maintain a certain GPA, attend leadership conferences, and complete an online portfolio. Even though fulfilling these requirements can be stressful at times, there are so many benefits that result from being a part of the program.

On top of learning professional skills, you also get to meet some of your very best friends. Everyone in LAS has similarities to their personalities, including being motivated and ambitious students. I would not only consider students in LAS to be my friends, I would consider them to be like family as well.


There are so many benefits associated with being involved in the Leadership Advancement Scholarship Program. I know that when I graduate from CMU, I will have all the skills necessary to become successful in my future career because of how well this program has prepared me.




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