Changing Lives One Kit at a Time

Over Christmas break I had the opportunity to spend 10 days on a mission trip in Haiti. My anticipation for this trip began one year ago when the preparations began. Despite finally feeling like I was ready to take on this adventure, nothing could have prepared me for the emotional exhaustion I was going to … Continue reading Changing Lives One Kit at a Time


Healthy Harmony: A Balanced Lifestyle

Service has always been something near and dear to my heart. The feeling associated with helping a person in need is unlike any other feeling. One of the main reasons I choose to compete in the Miss America Organization is because of the service aspect of the organization. Being a part of MAO has given … Continue reading Healthy Harmony: A Balanced Lifestyle

The Royal Babyshower

A child is one of the most vulnerable individuals in society; the stability of their life is out of their control. The path their family is on is the path they must take as well. It is unfortunate how children do not get to choose their quality of life. To help children cope with this circumstance, … Continue reading The Royal Babyshower

Siblings Weekend at CMU

Picturing myself as a young girl on a college campus is a frightening image. Being surrounded by students a decade or so older than me would have been petrifying. The young children who were on campus this past weekend though showed no fear when it came to engaging with the college students. This past weekend, Central Michigan … Continue reading Siblings Weekend at CMU

The Season for Giving

Christmas, the most wonderful time of the year. A time for families to get together, eat great food, unwrap gifts, and reflect on the past year. The Christmas holiday is no longer just one day, it has turned into a solid month of celebrations. This is by far one of the most anticipated holidays of … Continue reading The Season for Giving

Educate. Serve. Reflect.

Central Michigan University offers a variety of programs to allow students the opportunity to get involved with the Mount Pleasant community. Of their many service programs, Service Ambassadors is an organization that takes small groups of students to different locations in the Mount Pleasant area to work on a variety of service projects. All semester I had … Continue reading Educate. Serve. Reflect.

Wigs 4 Kids Holiday Celebration

Can you imagine loosing your hair as a young child and not being able to do anything about it? Imagine the amount of embarrassment you would feel when entering public places, feeling at though everyone was staring at your head. Wigs 4 Kids is a nonprofit organization that was founded in St. Clair Shores, that … Continue reading Wigs 4 Kids Holiday Celebration