Half Way There

Transformational is the best way to describe my sophomore year. I did a lot of self-reflection and experienced a tremendous amount of growth. For me, the most difficult part about going away to school has been maintaining my mental health. This is something I don't talk about much because I sometimes feel embarrassed to share … Continue reading Half Way There


Communication in Leadership (COM 461L)

During my entire first year of college, I thought I was going to major in something related to communications. Even though I excelled in the classes I was taking, I never felt moved by the information being presented to me. I needed something with more substance, which is why my major is now dietetics. However, … Continue reading Communication in Leadership (COM 461L)

Student Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

Since signing my dietetics major, I have been searching for opportunities to learn and grow in my future career field. A registered student organization at CMU called the "Student Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics" (SAND), has provided me the perfect opportunity to do that. This particular group is primarily for educational purposes. Each week there … Continue reading Student Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

Social Problems (SOC 221)

I have always had a strong interest in learning about social problems and listening to varying perspectives others might have on those issues. This past semester I was enrolled in the class "Social Problems", and it was one I the greatest decisions I could have chosen for myself. This particular class was a requirement for … Continue reading Social Problems (SOC 221)

PHL 118L: Moral Problems

As the semester starts to wrap up, I can't help but reflect on everything I have learned over the course of this last semester. One class that has opened my mind up to different perspectives on the world is my Philosophy course Moral Problems. This was a class I had the opportunity to take with … Continue reading PHL 118L: Moral Problems

LDR 200L: A Catalyst for Great Leadership

In the Leadership Advancement Scholarship Program (LAS), each scholar is required to take certain classes in order to fulfil their protocol. Introduction to Leadership (or LDR 200L) is a class LAS students have the opportunity to take as a cohort. The class teaches students the foundation for great leadership. Being in this class is unlike any other … Continue reading LDR 200L: A Catalyst for Great Leadership


Taking an American History course this past semester was an incredible learning experience for myself. Many issues America is dealing with right now mirror a majority of the issues this country faced in the past. America takes pride in being one of the most advanced nations in the world, but the country still falls short in … Continue reading HST 110L WI