PHL 118L: Moral Problems

As the semester starts to wrap up, I can't help but reflect on everything I have learned over the course of this last semester. One class that has opened my mind up to different perspectives on the world is my Philosophy course Moral Problems. This was a class I had the opportunity to take with … Continue reading PHL 118L: Moral Problems


LDR 200L: A Catalyst for Great Leadership

In the Leadership Advancement Scholarship Program (LAS), each scholar is required to take certain classes in order to fulfil their protocol. Introduction to Leadership (or LDR 200L) is a class LAS students have the opportunity to take as a cohort. The class teaches students the foundation for great leadership. Being in this class is unlike any other … Continue reading LDR 200L: A Catalyst for Great Leadership


Taking an American History course this past semester was an incredible learning experience for myself. Many issues America is dealing with right now mirror a majority of the issues this country faced in the past. America takes pride in being one of the most advanced nations in the world, but the country still falls short in … Continue reading HST 110L WI

Following Your WHY

To be successful, a person must first know their reasoning behind wanting to be successful in a particular area before finding success. It is not necessarily about having a plan, but about having a dream you one day aspire to accomplish. This was a concept I learned while watching the TedTalk, "How Great Leaders Inspire Action." … Continue reading Following Your WHY

Choosing Civility by: P.M. Forni

Leadership Education (LDR 100) is a required course for the Leadership Advancement Scholarship program. For our final project in the class, we were given a book highlighting leadership principles, and then asked to present on what we learned from the book. My group was given a book titled Choosing Civility, which discussed 24 rules a civil person … Continue reading Choosing Civility by: P.M. Forni

Introduction to Debate: COM 267L

A class that really pushed myself outside of my comfort zone was COM 267L (Introduction to Debate). In this class, all of the Leadership Advancement Scholarship (LAS) students learned how to make valid arguments, and present their points in a clear and concise manner. After every debate, I learned something new about myself and my capabilities. … Continue reading Introduction to Debate: COM 267L

Introduction to Psychology: PSY 100L

PSY 100L, or better known as Introduction to Psychology, is a class a part of the protocol for the Leadership Advancement Scholarship (LAS) program. The purpose of the class was to introduce LAS to psychology in a way that was related back to leadership. We learned that understanding how the brain develops, understanding different learning styles, … Continue reading Introduction to Psychology: PSY 100L