Determining a path for my future has proven to be rather challenging after completing my first semester at CMU. It has been hard for me to determine a major because of my uncertainty of what I would like to pursue. What I am certain about though, is that I want to pursue a career in some sort communications field. Even though I have narrowed it down to one field, paving a pathway for my future has been difficult because of how broad the field of communications is.

Central Michigan was where I decided to attend school because of their high-ranking for their communications program. For a couple of years now, I have known that I wanted to pursue a career in communications. I narrowed it down to this field because I love dealing with people and getting up in front of audiences. The biggest problem I have found with communications though, is that it is so broad.

After completing my first semester of college, I have narrowed the search down to Integrative Public Relations (IPR). This major combines everything I love: broadcasting, writing, solving problems, and dealing with people. Once I take the intro level course for this major, I will then decide if this is a major I want to further pursue.

I am also pretty certain that I want to double minor in Communication and Leadership. These two minors really compliment an IPR major.  I want to make sure I end up graduating from Central Michigan with a degree that is very versatile and employable.

Considering I am only a first year freshman, it is inevitable that my future plans will change. Until then, I look forward to exploring all of my options and gaining hand-on learning experience in a variety of fields.