Leadership Philosophy

Leadership is about inspiring others to believe they can be anything no matter their obstacles. It is about encouraging others to look past their current struggles and envision the person they could one day become. I prioritize doing this as a leader because challenges I have faced along the way have shaped me into the person I am today.

In my childhood, I was incredibly shy and insecure. Being introverted made me believe there was something wrong with who I was. Having this negative image of myself made me feel as though my life did not have value. This mindset diminished any bit of confidence I had in myself. Fortunately, I knew what had to be done to overcome that obstacle.

One way I overcame this challenge was by stepping outside of my comfort zone and embracing what made me unique. Since turning my life around, I have made it my mission to inspire those I meet to be the best version of themselves. In many ways, my leadership style reflects the authentic leadership approach. As a leader, I am genuine and original to those who follow my lead. A way in which I do this is by leading confidence building activities with young girls. I have had the opportunity to put on many sessions about finding one’s inner confidence with Girl Scout troops across the state of Michigan. It is so beautiful to watch the girls leave the room feeling so much more secure with who they are.

In addition to being authentic, a great leader should also embody the ideals of servant leadership. This leadership style is about being selfless and putting your followers’ needs above your own. As senior class president, I consciously made my decisions based upon what I thought would be best for my class as a whole. A good leader always has their followers’ best interests in mind.

As a final thought, I value making those around me feel welcomed and appreciated. I believe it is important to make others feel as though their life has meaning. My “why” statement, “inspire others to believe they can be anything no matter their obstacles,” is a direct reflection of how I choose to live my life. As a leader, I strive to help others step outside of their comfort zone and be courageous when it comes to facing their fears. Being content with my past motivates me to promote this leadership philosophy everyday.