Inside the Mind of an Introvert

As a little girl, I was incredibly shy. People would constantly tease me because I was quiet, and directly ask if words ever came out of my mouth. Experiencing this on a day-to-day basis made me very insecure about myself. Looking around, I always noticed the outgoing and extroverted individuals being praised and looked at … Continue reading Inside the Mind of an Introvert


Beautiful Imperfections

We are living in a world that is hyper focused on perfection. Social media and individuals in the spotlight are the prime reason many of us cannot find contentment with our lives. We see these unrealistic images of bodies and lifestyles in the media that make our lives seem less than mediocre. As a result, … Continue reading Beautiful Imperfections

Year One: The Power of Perspective

It is crazy to think that in a few short days my first year of college is going to be complete. As I reflect on this past year, I cannot believe how much I experienced in such a short period of time. Although the year went by fast, not a second of it was easy. … Continue reading Year One: The Power of Perspective

My Mentor, Lianna Riley

As an incoming freshman, I was terrified of what my life at Central Michigan University was going to look like. Was I going to make new friends? Was I going to be overwhelmed with school work? Was I going to adapt well to the social aspect of college? Would I be able to handle the … Continue reading My Mentor, Lianna Riley

LDR 200L: A Catalyst for Great Leadership

In the Leadership Advancement Scholarship Program (LAS), each scholar is required to take certain classes in order to fulfil their protocol. Introduction to Leadership (or LDR 200L) is a class LAS students have the opportunity to take as a cohort. The class teaches students the foundation for great leadership. Being in this class is unlike any other … Continue reading LDR 200L: A Catalyst for Great Leadership

Best Buddies at CMU

Through the Leadership Advancement Scholarship Program, I have learned that a great leader is someone who is inclusive to all. A leader is someone who is accepting and welcoming to individuals of all different backgrounds. Being a member of Best Buddies at Central Michigan University reflects the ideals of leadership at CMU. Best Buddies is a … Continue reading Best Buddies at CMU

Relay for Life LEAD Team

In many circumstances, groups are the most cohesive as a deadline is approaching. During these circumstances, groups may need their leaders to give them an extra push to successfully achieve their goals. My experience on the Relay for Life LEAD Team was a perfect reflection of this concept. To explain my point, one month prior to Relay … Continue reading Relay for Life LEAD Team