Healthy from Within

When trying to get fit, most people think it starts with stepping foot in the gym and putting full effort into a workout. Isn't it logical to think that exercising and sticking to a plan will lead to the most healthy outcome? Even though exercise is one piece to the puzzle, there is so much … Continue reading Healthy from Within


Changing Lives One Kit at a Time

Over Christmas break I had the opportunity to spend 10 days on a mission trip in Haiti. My anticipation for this trip began one year ago when the preparations began. Despite finally feeling like I was ready to take on this adventure, nothing could have prepared me for the emotional exhaustion I was going to … Continue reading Changing Lives One Kit at a Time

Semester Three: Complete

How is it I am already half way through my sophomore year at CMU? It feels like just yesterday I was a nervous and timid freshman entering college for the first time. Each semester I find myself learning more about who I am and the person I want to be. It is hard to believe … Continue reading Semester Three: Complete

Body Acceptance Workshop

This past weekend I was able to attend Around the Plate's first Body Acceptance Workshop at Central Michigan University. This workshop featured three different presenters, breakout sessions in between presentations, and a yoga class at the end. Weight loss myths, looking at your body as perfectly imperfect, and finding a healthier approach to food were … Continue reading Body Acceptance Workshop

PHL 118L: Moral Problems

As the semester starts to wrap up, I can't help but reflect on everything I have learned over the course of this last semester. One class that has opened my mind up to different perspectives on the world is my Philosophy course Moral Problems. This was a class I had the opportunity to take with … Continue reading PHL 118L: Moral Problems

Healthy Harmony: A Balanced Lifestyle

Service has always been something near and dear to my heart. The feeling associated with helping a person in need is unlike any other feeling. One of the main reasons I choose to compete in the Miss America Organization is because of the service aspect of the organization. Being a part of MAO has given … Continue reading Healthy Harmony: A Balanced Lifestyle

Mentor/Mentee Retreat 2017

As a sophomore Leadership Advancement Scholarship student (aka LAS), I have the privilege of mentoring a freshman LAS student. It is an amazing feeling knowing I have the opportunity to guide another student to success through our mentoring program. To help ¬†each mentor/mentee pair create a deeper connection with one another, everyone goes on a … Continue reading Mentor/Mentee Retreat 2017