Dear Kait,

Almost one year ago, I was going through the process of selecting you as my mentee. I knew nothing about you, but could tell (from stalking all of your social media accounts) that you and I would get along pretty well. You seemed to be a genuine, down-to-earth, family oriented person, which were all things … Continue reading Dear Kait,


The 2016 Special Olympics Fall Games

At the Special Olympics, individuals partake in one weekend where they are not defined by a diagnosis; the individuals are defined as athletes. No one tells them that they cannot do something, and no one treats them differently just because they have a disability. This is one weekend where they can be unapologetically themselves, without having … Continue reading The 2016 Special Olympics Fall Games

Mentor/Mentee Bonding at Eagle Village

Since the Leadership Advancement Scholarship program's birth, Eagle Village has been the destination for retreat weekend. Members of the freshman and sophomore class have the opportunity to go away for the weekend to work on strengthening their bond with one another, and enhance their leadership skills. What is really unique about the Leadership Advancement Scholarship program (LAS for short), … Continue reading Mentor/Mentee Bonding at Eagle Village

The Leadership Safari Experience

Imagine sitting in a room filled with over 2,000 students bursting with school pride. Imagine sitting in that same room as a first time college student hardly knowing anyone. The thought can be pretty intimidating. My first week at Central Michigan University perfectly mirrored that description. As an entering freshman, I had the opportunity to … Continue reading The Leadership Safari Experience