My Mentor, Lianna Riley

As an incoming freshman, I was terrified of what my life at Central Michigan University was going to look like. Was I going to make new friends? Was I going to be overwhelmed with school work? Was I going to adapt well to the social aspect of college? Would I be able to handle the … Continue reading My Mentor, Lianna Riley


Relay for Life LEAD Team

In many circumstances, groups are the most cohesive as a deadline is approaching. During these circumstances, groups may need their leaders to give them an extra push to successfully achieve their goals. My experience on the Relay for Life LEAD Team was a perfect reflection of this concept. To explain my point, one month prior to Relay … Continue reading Relay for Life LEAD Team

Leadership in the 21st Century

A leader, according to, is "a person who guides or directs a group." The literal meaning of the word is pretty self-explanatory, but what makes a great leader goes beyond the literal definition of the word. In history, we have experienced a multitude of leaders, good and bad. In this post, I want to highlight a … Continue reading Leadership in the 21st Century

Mentor/Mentee Bonding at Eagle Village

Since the Leadership Advancement Scholarship program's birth, Eagle Village has been the destination for retreat weekend. Members of the freshman and sophomore class have the opportunity to go away for the weekend to work on strengthening their bond with one another, and enhance their leadership skills. What is really unique about the Leadership Advancement Scholarship program (LAS for short), … Continue reading Mentor/Mentee Bonding at Eagle Village