Year One: The Power of Perspective

It is crazy to think that in a few short days my first year of college is going to be complete. As I reflect on this past year, I cannot believe how much I experienced in such a short period of time. Although the year went by fast, not a second of it was easy. … Continue reading Year One: The Power of Perspective



Taking an American History course this past semester was an incredible learning experience for myself. Many issues America is dealing with right now mirror a majority of the issues this country faced in the past. America takes pride in being one of the most advanced nations in the world, but the country still falls short in … Continue reading HST 110L WI

Following Your WHY

To be successful, a person must first know their reasoning behind wanting to be successful in a particular area before finding success. It is not necessarily about having a plan, but about having a dream you one day aspire to accomplish. This was a concept I learned while watching the TedTalk, "How Great Leaders Inspire Action." … Continue reading Following Your WHY

Do Obstacles Dictate Your Life?

As an introvert, living in a world designed for extroverts is an intimidating concept. It is advertised that in order to be successful, a person has to have a big personality. The best way to be a leader is to be outgoing and full of constant energy. Growing up as a shy girl limited my … Continue reading Do Obstacles Dictate Your Life?

The Spark Leadership Experience

Central Michigan University offers a variety of programs on campus to help individuals develop their leadership style and discover who they are as a leader. I had the opportunity to participate in one of their day-long programs called the Spark Leadership Series. During this program, I was put in a small group with an upperclassman … Continue reading The Spark Leadership Experience

Small Business Saturday

On small business Saturday, I had the opportunity to volunteer at a vendor table for a non-profit organization called A Beautiful Me. A Beautiful Me is a Michigan based organization that promotes self-worth and confidence in girls through workshops across the state. While volunteering at their vendor table, I had the opportunity to sell their … Continue reading Small Business Saturday

Central Connections Leadership Conference

What is Central Connections you might ask? Central Connections is a leadership conference held at the Great Wolf Lodge in Traverse City, Michigan. The conference connects leaders from Central Michigan University with other leaders from around the campus. It is a two-day conference filled with a variety of activities like, "speed connecting," educational sessions, and time to … Continue reading Central Connections Leadership Conference