Half Way There

Transformational is the best way to describe my sophomore year. I did a lot of self-reflection and experienced a tremendous amount of growth. For me, the most difficult part about going away to school has been maintaining my mental health. This is something I don't talk about much because I sometimes feel embarrassed to share … Continue reading Half Way There


Project Mind Grow

This past year I was incredibly excited to finally figure out what I wanted to pursue as a major at Central Michigan. After discovering dietetics was where my heart was at, I searched for organizations I could be a part of to grow and share my love for nutrition. I recently joined an organization called … Continue reading Project Mind Grow

Healthy from Within

When trying to get fit, most people think it starts with stepping foot in the gym and putting full effort into a workout. Isn't it logical to think that exercising and sticking to a plan will lead to the most healthy outcome? Even though exercise is one piece to the puzzle, there is so much … Continue reading Healthy from Within

Semester Three: Complete

How is it I am already half way through my sophomore year at CMU? It feels like just yesterday I was a nervous and timid freshman entering college for the first time. Each semester I find myself learning more about who I am and the person I want to be. It is hard to believe … Continue reading Semester Three: Complete

Healthy Harmony: A Balanced Lifestyle

Service has always been something near and dear to my heart. The feeling associated with helping a person in need is unlike any other feeling. One of the main reasons I choose to compete in the Miss America Organization is because of the service aspect of the organization. Being a part of MAO has given … Continue reading Healthy Harmony: A Balanced Lifestyle