Dear Kait,

Almost one year ago, I was going through the process of selecting you as my mentee. I knew nothing about you, but could tell (from stalking all of your social media accounts) that you and I would get along pretty well. You seemed to be a genuine, down-to-earth, family oriented person, which were all things … Continue reading Dear Kait,


Mentor/Mentee Retreat 2017

As a sophomore Leadership Advancement Scholarship student (aka LAS), I have the privilege of mentoring a freshman LAS student. It is an amazing feeling knowing I have the opportunity to guide another student to success through our mentoring program. To help ¬†each mentor/mentee pair create a deeper connection with one another, everyone goes on a … Continue reading Mentor/Mentee Retreat 2017

My Mentor, Lianna Riley

As an incoming freshman, I was terrified of what my life at Central Michigan University was going to look like. Was I going to make new friends? Was I going to be overwhelmed with school work? Was I going to adapt well to the social aspect of college? Would I be able to handle the … Continue reading My Mentor, Lianna Riley