Taking an American History course this past semester was an incredible learning experience for myself. Many issues America is dealing with right now mirror a majority of the issues this country faced in the past. America takes pride in being one of the most advanced nations in the world, but the country still falls short in … Continue reading HST 110L WI


The Royal Babyshower

A child is one of the most vulnerable individuals in society; the stability of their life is out of their control. The path their family is on is the path they must take as well. It is unfortunate how children do not get to choose their quality of life. To help children cope with this circumstance, … Continue reading The Royal Babyshower

Siblings Weekend at CMU

Picturing myself as a young girl on a college campus is a frightening image. Being surrounded by students a decade or so older than me would have been petrifying. The young children who were on campus this past weekend though showed no fear when it came to engaging with the college students. This past weekend, Central Michigan … Continue reading Siblings Weekend at CMU

The Season for Giving

Christmas, the most wonderful time of the year. A time for families to get together, eat great food, unwrap gifts, and reflect on the past year. The Christmas holiday is no longer just one day, it has turned into a solid month of celebrations. This is by far one of the most anticipated holidays of … Continue reading The Season for Giving

Leadership in the 21st Century

A leader, according to dictionary.com, is "a person who guides or directs a group." The literal meaning of the word is pretty self-explanatory, but what makes a great leader goes beyond the literal definition of the word. In history, we have experienced a multitude of leaders, good and bad. In this post, I want to highlight a … Continue reading Leadership in the 21st Century

Educate. Serve. Reflect.

Central Michigan University offers a variety of programs to allow students the opportunity to get involved with the Mount Pleasant community. Of their many service programs, Service Ambassadors is an organization that takes small groups of students to different locations in the Mount Pleasant area to work on a variety of service projects. All semester I had … Continue reading Educate. Serve. Reflect.

Choosing Civility by: P.M. Forni

Leadership Education (LDR 100) is a required course for the Leadership Advancement Scholarship program. For our final project in the class, we were given a book highlighting leadership principles, and then asked to present on what we learned from the book. My group was given a book titled Choosing Civility, which discussed 24 rules a civil person … Continue reading Choosing Civility by: P.M. Forni