Improving Personal Health

I am sure we have all felt stuck at some point in our health journey. Keeping motivation can be difficult when life throws challenges at you. Here are some steps you can take to stay on track with your health goals: Journal. Write down you goals and keep track of your progress. Write about how … Continue reading Improving Personal Health


Half Way There

Transformational is the best way to describe my sophomore year. I did a lot of self-reflection and experienced a tremendous amount of growth. For me, the most difficult part about going away to school has been maintaining my mental health. This is something I don't talk about much because I sometimes feel embarrassed to share … Continue reading Half Way There

Project Mind Grow

This past year I was incredibly excited to finally figure out what I wanted to pursue as a major at Central Michigan. After discovering dietetics was where my heart was at, I searched for organizations I could be a part of to grow and share my love for nutrition. I recently joined an organization called … Continue reading Project Mind Grow

LAS in the D LEAD Team

To maintain the Leadership Advancement Scholarship (LAS) at Central Michigan University, every individual must serve on a LEAD team sponsored by the Leadership Institute each year during their undergraduate education. This year I was selected as a member of the LAS in the D service project LEAD team. LAS in the D is a service … Continue reading LAS in the D LEAD Team

Communication in Leadership (COM 461L)

During my entire first year of college, I thought I was going to major in something related to communications. Even though I excelled in the classes I was taking, I never felt moved by the information being presented to me. I needed something with more substance, which is why my major is now dietetics. However, … Continue reading Communication in Leadership (COM 461L)

Student Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

Since signing my dietetics major, I have been searching for opportunities to learn and grow in my future career field. A registered student organization at CMU called the "Student Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics" (SAND), has provided me the perfect opportunity to do that. This particular group is primarily for educational purposes. Each week there … Continue reading Student Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

Dear Kait,

Almost one year ago, I was going through the process of selecting you as my mentee. I knew nothing about you, but could tell (from stalking all of your social media accounts) that you and I would get along pretty well. You seemed to be a genuine, down-to-earth, family oriented person, which were all things … Continue reading Dear Kait,